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  1. Select the Add Account  icon on the top right of the Account Bar.

    You can also add a new account by selecting Tools Add Account from the top menu.
  2. Select Offline Account.
  3. Select the account type. Spending accounts include Checking, Savings, and Credit Card.
  4. Name your account and select Next. Depending on your version of Quicken, you may also have options for selecting how your account is used.
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  5. Enter your Statement ending date (The date you want to start tracking from) and your Statement ending balance (how much was in your account that day). Select Next.
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  6. Your account will be added. Select Finish. You can also choose to Add Another Account.

Add other account types

titleOffline Loan or HELOC

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How do I set up a loan?
How do I set up a loan?