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  • You have the option to select either Windows or Quicken keyboard scheme for CTRL + Z/X/C/V.
  • Shortcuts do not work in browser-based Quicken features.
  • If you wish to compare the keyboard shortcut keys in Quicken with the keys in Windows, here is the link.

Features and Lists

Go to the Home tabALT+Home
Go to the Write Checks screenCTRL+W
Go to the CalendarCTRL+K
Go to the Account ListCTRL+A
Go to the Category ListCTRL+SHIFT+C
Go to the Tag ListCTRL+L
Go to the Bill & Income Reminders dialogCTRL+J
Go to the Manage Hidden Accounts dialogCTRL+SHIFT+M
Go to the Memorized Payee ListCTRL+T
Select an item in a listFirst letter of item, then press DOWN ARROW as needed


To switch toPress
First day of this monthm
Last day of this monthh
First day of this yeary
Last day of this yearr
Go to dateCTRL+G