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  1. Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
  2. In the left pane, click Write Checks.
  3. In the right pane, select the settings you want to use. 

    Printed Date Style
    4-digit yearPrints year as four digits, such as 2021. Depending on your printer, font, and check style, you may have difficulty printing the four-digit year. The Regional and Language Options in the Windows Control Panel also affects the way Quicken displays dates.
    2-digit yearPrints year as two digits such as 21
    Check Settings
    Spell currency unitsWhen this option is selected, Quicken will specify and spell out the currency unit in the second amount field (for example, "Thirty Dollars Only" vs. "Thirty Only").
    Allow entry of extra message on check

    Adds an extra message line to the check and prints it where it can't be seen from the transparent window on the envelope. You can use it for confidential information such as credit account numbers.

    If you add a message and then clear this check box, Quicken saves the text of the message. You can restore the message by selecting this check box again.

    You add the message only from the Write Checks window (Tools menu > Write and Print Checks).

    Print categories on voucher checksVoucher checks have a perforated, attached voucher page that allows room for more descriptive memos or itemized breakdown of the payment. With this setting, you can print category information from split transactions on the attachment. Quicken can print up to 16 lines of split information on the attachment.
    Change date of checks to date when printedChanges the date of your checks to the date when you print them. This is useful if you typically print your checks on different days than you write them.

    Show Check Pay option in Print Checks (early access)This early access feature gives you the option, when printing a check, to use our Check Pay service instead.
  4. When you have completed changing your settings, select OK.