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Damage to the information on a computer's hard disk may also damage a Quicken data file. Potential causes include improperly turning off the computer, general protection faults, software conflicts, or voltage fluctuations.

Here are some things to try that may fix a damaged data file:

  • Try restoring a backup of your Quicken data file that was made before the data file was damaged.
  • Try making a copy of your Quicken data file in Windows Explorer, and then check the copy of the data file to see if the original issue still exists.
  • Try copying your Quicken data file from within Quicken.
  • Try using Quicken's Validate and Repair utility. To do so, choose File menu > File Operations > Validate and Repair. If necessary, click Browse to select one of the copies of your file that you just made, and then choose one or more of the following options:
    • Validate file
    • Rebuild investing lots
    • Delete investing price history
    • Reset all Quicken printer settings
  • If the issue persists, consider trying advanced troubleshooting techniques.