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Quicken Bill Manager is used to display your upcoming bills (bill presentment) so that you can anticipate future payments and better manage your spending. As part of Quicken Bill Manager, you can use Quick Pay and Check Pay to send money to payees (pay your bills).

Quick Pay is a way to pay bills online through the Quicken application. The Quick Pay service sends payments electronically, transferring the money from your financial institution's account to your designated payee. Using Quicken, you can specify which financial institution you will use, designate the payee, track the payment, and confirm that the payment has been made. 

Check Pay makes mailing a check to anyone nationwide fast and easy. Once you have set up Check Pay, you can send payments by entering the payee's name, payee's address, and the payment amount into Quicken. Quicken takes care of printing, stuffing, and mailing a check drawn off of your checking account. It is easiest to set up Check Pay during the setup for Quick Pay

Quicken Bill Manager is designed to use your checking account, although it is also possible to use a savings account. You need to set up your account in Quicken before you can set up Quick Pay and Check Pay.

Video: Setting up Quicken Bill Manager

Adding an online bill

To set up Quick Pay and Check Pay, you will first need to add a bill. It is best to start with an Online BillIf you have already added a bill, you can go directly to Setting up Quick Pay and Check Pay.

  1. Select the Bills & Income tab. Verify that you are in the Bills section under the Bills & Income tab.
  2. In the upper right corner of the Bills section, select +.
  3. Select Online Bill.
  4. Type in or select the name of your online biller. 
  5. For your online account, enter your login information. It may take some time to process the login and sync the account.

    If an error occurs, check your login info and try again. You may want to log in to the payee's web site, just to be sure it accepts your information.

  6. Click Done when complete. Your bill is now linked, which means you can pay it through Quicken. The linked bill will appear on your Bills & Income page. Once you have at least one online account, see the next topic, Setting up Quick Pay and Check Pay.


Setting up Quick Pay and Check Pay

Once you have added a bill, you can begin the process of setting up Quick Pay and Check Pay.

  1. Select the Bills & Income tab.  Verify that you are in the Bills section under the Bills & Income tab.
  2. In the upper right corner of the Bills section, select the gear icon.
  3. Select Set up Quicken Bill Manager.

    If you have already set up one or more accounts with Quicken Bill Manager, select Payment Accounts.

  4. Review any instructions and the Acknowledgment.
  5. Choose an account from the list of Payment Accounts and select Enable.
  6. Enter the following information about your payment account. You may need to consult your bank to get the appropriate information.
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Address (The address you have listed with your bank)
    • City, State, Zip

      Be sure your financial institution has your correct address information. People sometimes forget to update their address when they move.

  7. Select Save.

  8. The screen to enable Check Pay will appear. To enable Check Pay select Begin Verification. If you do not want to enable Check Pay, click Done.

  9. Read through the screens telling you about Check Pay, then click Done.

    Two small deposits ( also called micro-deposits) between $0.01–$0.99 will be deposited into your checking account in 1–3 business days from SP -Quicken. In the next step, you’ll need to enter these amounts to verify your account ownership. You can check your online bank account, or wait for the deposits to appear in the register.

  10. On the Quicken Dashboard, you will see a reminder link to verify your account such as Account needs verification for Check Pay
  11. On the Payment Accounts for Bill Manager screen, select Verify.
  12. On the Verification screen, enter the two micro-deposit amounts from your account. It does not matter what order you enter them in. 
  13. Select .
  14. The Payment Accounts for Bill Manager screen will reappear. You will see a check mark under Enabled for Check Pay. Select Done.
    You can now use both Quick Pay and Check Pay through Quicken.

For more information about Quick Pay, see About Quick Pay.

For more information about Check Pay, see About Check Pay.