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Check Pay is a way to automatically send payments by check through the Quicken application. Unlike our check printing feature, this service sends the actual payment. You select the account to make the payment from and the payee. Quicken sends the check using our service, Check Pay. Through our tool you can set your payment account, add a payee, confirm the address, send a payment, and verify that the payment has been sent.

To make a payment using Check Pay, you need to the following information: 

  • Account to use: By default, Quicken will use the account that you chose while setting up the reminder. You can choose any other Check Pay enabled account as well.

  • Payment amount: Quicken will display the default amount that was entered when you created the reminder. You can change the amount as needed. 

  • Date: Quicken allows you to to either send a check immediately or to schedule that check to be sent later. The payment date will default to today’s date. If you want to send your check immediately, leave the date set to the default. If you want to schedule a payment, pick a future date on which you want the check to be sent. When you set your date, you will get an estimated delivery date range. This range accounts for factors such as weekends and delivery distances.
    Note: When using Check Pay, you can schedule more than one check for the same Payee.

You can optionally enter information for the CategoryTag, and Memo fields. Adding this information will improve Quicken reports about your payments and transactions. 

Once you have filled in all the information, you will be prompted to either Pay or Schedule. If the Pay button appears, that means the check will be sent within one business day. If the Schedule button appears, it means that check will be sent within one business day of the scheduled date. Keep in mind that the date a check is sent is not the date it is scheduled to arrive. The system will provide an estimated delivery window when you create the payment.

If you choose to Schedule a payment, that payment will appear immediately in your register marked as Scheduled. The status will change to Sent once the bill is verified as having been paid or Failed if the bill could not be paid. You can also see your scheduled payments in Calendar view.

Video: Sending a Check Pay payment