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As you enter transactions, Quicken memorizes the information associated with specific payees and stores it in the Memorized Payee List. When you recall a memorized payee, the Payee, Category, Amount, and other fields are all prefilled, and you can immediately enter the transaction or edit any of the register fields as necessary.

What can I do?

Frequently asked questions

How would I use a memorized payee?

Here's an example:

How many memorized payees can I have?

The Memorized Payee List can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 transactions, depending on the size of the transactions. When the list becomes half full, Quicken notifies you that it is turning off automatic memorization. When the list becomes completely full, you can't memorize any more transactions until you delete existing ones.

If you usually make payments to many different payees, the Memorized Payee List might fill up more quickly. If this is the case, the automatic memorization feature isn't as much of a benefit to you. Consider turning it off.

For more information, see also Deleting a memorized payee.