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After you've set up your Quicken desktop software, you might decide (for whatever reason) that you want to reset all your data on your Quicken Cloud.

Resetting your Cloud data deletes the cloud data associated with the currently opened data file and then immediately re-syncs your data for the same time period. Your cloud data is not permanently deleted. When you reset cloud data, the following information is deleted and then immediately restored on the Quicken cloud:

  • Accounts you selected for sync before resetting your cloud data.
  • Transaction history that belong to these accounts and have dates not earlier than 2 years from your cloud registration time.
  • Cloud attachments that you uploaded before resetting your cloud data.
  • Budgets you were syncing before resetting your cloud data.
  • Renaming rules, categories, tags, alert settings that you were using before resetting your cloud data.

Reset cloud data

  1. Click the Mobile & Alerts tab.
  2. Click edit profile. The Preferences dialog displays.
  3. If prompted, enter your password. Depending on how you've set things up, this may either be your Password Vault password, or your Quicken ID password.
  4. In the left pane, select Mobile & Web.
  5. In the right pane, under Quicken Mobile & Web, click Reset your cloud data.
  6. In the Reset Your Cloud Data dialog, type yes, and then click Reset to confirm the reset.