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You've been entering transactions in Quicken for several months now. You appreciate the convenience of online banking. You like tracking the values of your investments, and you haven't overdrawn your checking account since you started using alerts. Yet there must be even more Quicken can do for you—even more information that it can give you. Where does your money go?

For example, how much are you spending on internet access? How much are you spending on dining? And how much is your spending compared to last year?

Which investment advisor or newsletter is giving you the best advice? Do you know what your overall asset allocation is in your taxable investment accounts? How about your tax-deferred retirement accounts? How about your credit score?

Quicken can help. The Reports & Graphs feature offers many preset reports and graphs that you can use to help you better understand your financial situation, make informed decisions, and reach your financial goals. Just go to the Reports menu and choose a report to start. EasyAnswer is an excellent place to start. For more detailed information, see one of the topics below.