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When you reconcile (balance) a spending account, you compare your Quicken account records against your current bank statement and resolve any differences between the two. Reconciliation accuracy can be affected by transactions that occurred in the period shown on your current bank statement as well as by earlier transactions.

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What is my opening balance?

What should I do before I balance my account the first time?

  • What if I need to add earlier transactions to my account?
  • What's the difference between c and R in the Clr field?

Are there special considerations when I reconcile an online banking account?

Are there special considerations when I reconcile a credit card account?

When you reconcile your credit card accounts each month with your monthly statements, you can:

  • Review your credit transactions and make sure your records match those at your financial institution.
  • Record any credit or finance charges to your credit card account.

As the final step in reconciling your credit card account, you can record a transaction in the check register (to represent a handwritten check), or prepare a check to print with Quicken.

For specific procedures, see Reconcile a spending account.