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Troubleshooting payments

This topic has general information about paying bills online. Visit this support page for specific issues with payments. 

Tell me about paying bills online

Online payments are the fastest, easiest way to pay your bills, and are available for use with any U.S. financial institution where you have an account with check-writing privileges. You can use your checking account in conjunction with Quicken Bill Manager even if your financial institution doesn't offer online financial services of its own. Use online payments to:

  • Create and send instructions for one-time or repeating payments.
  • Inquire about an online payment instruction by sending an email message, update the status of a payment, or cancel an online payment instruction if the need arises.

What can I do?

Frequently asked questions

When is the money withdrawn from your account?

When will the payee receive your payment?

How often can you download transactions and update payment information?