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You need to set up Quick Pay before you can make a Quick Pay payment.


Making a payment using Quick Pay from the Bills tab

  1. Select the Bills & Income → Bills tab.
  2. Select the Quick Pay button in the Action column for the bill you want to pay. 
  3. On the Make a Quick Pay Payment screen, enter the Amount, Account to use, and payment Date. You can optionally enter a Category, Tag, and Memo for your payment.

    To make a Quick Pay payment to your online biller you will need to provide a few details to help the system make a payment on your behalf. 

    • Amount: By default we will display the amount of the bill, but you have the flexibility to pay a different amount. For a credit card bill, you will have the minimum amount, total amount due, and a choice to pay any amount between those two amounts. Some billers will not allow you to pay more than the amount due.

    • Account to use: Any account that is enabled for Quick Pay payments. 

    • Date: Quicken allows you to either pay a bill immediately or to schedule that bill to be paid later. The payment date will default to today’s date. If you want to make your payment immediately, leave the date set to the default. The payment will be made as soon as possible, usually within minutes. If you want to schedule a payment, pick a future day on which you want the bill to be paid. In most cases you can schedule a bill up to 45 days in advance. We recommend you schedule your payment no later than a day or two prior to the due date to allow recovery from any possible payment issues prior to the due date to avoid late fees or penalties.
      Note: Some billers will only allow same day payments.

    • CategoryTag, and Memo fields. These will help Quicken to create better reports on your payments and transactions. 

  4. If you have selected a future date for your payment, select . if you are using today's date, select .
  5. On the Confirm Payment screen, review the details and if they are correct, select Confirm. You can also Cancel.

If you choose to Schedule a payment, that payment will appear immediately in your register marked as Scheduled. The status will change to Paid once the bill is paid or Failed if the bill could not be paid. You can also see your scheduled payments in Calendar view.

You can cancel a payment prior to the payment date if you want to make changes to the payment amount/date/account or to pay via another payment method.