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Transfer reminders help you keep track of periodic transfers you make between your accounts. You can edit your reminders by following the steps below:

  1. Select the Bills & Income tab.
  2. Select Income & Transfers.
  3. Select the transfer reminder you want to edit.
  4. Select Edit
    • If you select Edit this instance, you can edit the Amount and Due Date for an individual transfer. Select Save when you have finished.
    • If you select Edit this instance and all future instances go to the next step to review what you can edit.
  5. Use the Edit Transfer Reminder screen to change any of the following information.
    • Pay to
      The name you want to associate with this transfer.
    • Due next on
      The date of your transfer. Select Change to adjust the reoccurrence. 
    • Amount due
      This is the amount you plan to transfer each occurrence.
    • From account
      The account you transfer funds from.
    • To account
      The account you will transfer funds to.
    • Details
      Select this to add or change a Tag or Memo
    • Optional Settings
      • Remind me x days in advance / Auto enter x days in advance
        Select change to adjust.
      • Remind me x days in advance.
        Select this option to enter the number of days in advance of when the reminder is due that you want to trigger your reminder
      • Automatically enter the transaction in the register x days before the due date.
        Select this option to enter the number of days in advance of when the reminder is due that you want to automatically log the transaction.
      • Use only business days for reminder days.
        Select this option to disregard holidays and weekends when calculating the number of days in advance of a transaction.Optional Settings
      • Estimate amount for me
        If your payments vary, Quicken can estimate an amount to use for the reminder when it is due. Select one of the following:
        • Fixed amount
          Turn off this feature. Quicken will always use the same amount for the reminder.
        • Previous payments
          Calculate an average amount for the reminder, based on your last [n] payments.
        • Time of year
          Use the same amount as last year for the reminder. This is great for utility bills or other reminders that have seasonal variations.
        • Credit card balance
          Use the balance of the selected credit card as the amount for the reminder.
      • Sync to Outlook
        Select this option to transfer the reminder to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. To learn more, see Sync your Quicken reminders with Outlook.
  6. Select Done. Your new options will be saved.

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