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You can create a number of reports directly from the register of any spending account.

  1. Open the register that contains the transactions you want to report on.
  2. To create a report on:
    • Transactions involving a particular payee, select the payee field in a transaction.
    • Transactions that use a particular category, select the category field in a transaction.
    • All transactions in the register, select a blank transaction at the bottom of the register.
  3. Click and then choose More reports.

    If you do not see the reports below, be sure you've followed Step 2.

    • For expenses, choose one of the following:
      • Amount spent on [the category you selected]
      • Payments made to [the payee you selected]
    • For income, choose one of the following:
      • Amount received in [the category you selected]
      • Payments received from [the payee you selected]
  4. To print the report, click the Print icon or use Ctrl + P.
  5. To see a transaction as it appears in the register, double-click the transaction in the report.