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When you add a new account, Quicken adds it to the Account List (choose Tools menu > Account List). In most cases, you'll want to add all of your household's accounts in the same Quicken data file, so that you can track all your finances in one place.

Tracking credit card accounts

While technically a liability account, credit card accounts count as spending accounts in Quicken.

  1. Click the Add Account icon on the top right of the Account Bar.
  2. Click Other Assets & Liabilities.
  3. Click Debts other than loans.
    Note: If you are tracking a loan, you can do that by going to Connected Account or Offline Account Loan & Debt.
  4. During the setup process, you'll be asked a few questions. Click below to learn more.
    • What is the name you'd like to use for this account?
    • What is this account primarily used for?
    • Select a currency for the account (Optional)
    • Tell Quicken about the liability you'd like to track
    • Would you like to track this liability as a loan?
    • Is there a mortgage on this house?