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With online account access, you can update (download) transactions and balances from your financial institution or credit card provider into Quicken. Then you can see what transactions have cleared your account, find out your current balance, and add transactions that have been processed but aren't in Quicken yet. This process keeps your account information current, saves time, and improves the accuracy of your record keeping.

Financial institutions provide different levels of online account access. Some don't offer it at all. Others provide enhanced services, such as allowing Quicken to transfer money between two online accounts.

Your accounts must first be set up for online account access in Quicken prior to performing an update. Then, you can either update your accounts individually, or use One Step Update to consolidate your online tasks.

One Step Update is a single access point for almost all connected services; you can update transactions and send online payment instructions for multiple accounts, sync your data to the Quicken Cloud and use Quicken on your phone or tablet to download security quotes, export some of your Quicken account information to, and obtain product updates for your Quicken software.

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