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Paying your bills using Quicken has advantages overpaying your bills on the kitchen table. Quicken bill reminders help you plan your expenses and pay your bills on time. When you create a bill reminder, you enter the details of the bill and tell Quicken when to make the next payment, the amount due, and how often to make future payments. Do this for your income, too. Quicken will then have the information it needs to accurately project your account balances. This is one of the coolest features in Quicken!

Here's how to pay a bill:

  1. Add the bill to Quicken.
    • Tell me about adding the bill
  2. Enter the bill payment when it's due.
    • Tell me about entering the bill payment
  3. Send the bill payment.
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  • What if the payment amount varies?
  • How should I pay my credit card bill?
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