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Sends you to the Dashboard page. The Dashboard displays items such as Recent Transactions, Top Spending Categories, Top Payees, and Spending Over Time.

Sends you to a list of your transactions. This list is also called the Register. Use this to review and edit your transactions.

Sends you to the Spending page, where you can analyze your Spending Over Time, by Category, and by Payee.

Sends you to the Budget page, where you can decide how much you should spend in each spending category. If you have not created a budget, you will be prompted to create one.

Sends you to the Income page, where you can view your Net Income by Month, as well as your Income vs. Spending.

Sends you to a page listing all the upcoming bills and income that you are currently tracking. 

If you are tracking investments, you can view an update on those investments here.

Toggles QCards, which will help guide you through many parts of Quicken for the Web.

Allows you to choose between viewing help for Quicken for the Web, or contacting support.

Allows you to adjust your settings for your Profile, Account, and Categories & Tags.

Your profile has a list of your most recently accessed datafiles. You can also select My Account to view your Quicken account details such as your email address and subscription renewal information.

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