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For online accounts, you can automate the reconciliation process, letting Quicken for Mac do the work for you. Quicken for the Mac will reconcile your account when you download new transactions, verifying and clearing your transactions.

To set up auto reconcile for an account.

  1. From the sidebar, CTRL + click on the account you want to set up auto reconcile for.

  2. Select Edit “xxxx” Settings.

  3. At the bottom of the Account Settings screen, select Automatically reconcile my cleared downloaded transactions.

  4. Choose a notification option:

    • Notify me only if discrepancies are found.
      Using this option means you will only be notified if there is an issue reconciling your account. If the sum of your cleared transactions matches the online balance, they will automatically be reconciled. This is the default option.

    • Ask me to review a reconciliation before saving it.
      Using this option gives requires you to verify that the reconciliation occurred properly. After each download, if the sum of your cleared transactions matches your online balance, the reconcile icon in your register will display a green equal sign. Transactions won't be reconciled until you review them.

  5. Select Done. Repeat this process for any account you want to set up with auto-reconcile.

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