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The Quicken Mobile and Web Sync feature enables you to keep track of your cash, spending and investment accounts on the web or mobile device. You simply need to sync your Quicken data file to the Quicken Cloud.

You can use the Quicken Mobile, Web Sync and Alerts functionality to:

  • Check the status of your checking, savings, credit card or loan accounts on the go
  • Track your investment portfolios and get updated stock quotes
  • Enter transactions on the web or your device
  • Download your latest financial transactions
  • Enter transactions on Quicken Mobile or Web and view them later in your Quicken desktop application
  • Snap and add pictures of receipts or other documents to your transactions
  • View your budget on the web or mobile device
  • Receive e-mails and text alerts
  • Review and keep watch on your spending wherever you go...

About Quicken Mobile and Web Sync

When you sync your Quicken data file to the Quicken Cloud, you enable the transfer of your Quicken desktop accounts, transactions, categories, tags and other inforamtion to and from Quicken Mobile and Web.

You can use multiple mobile devices to view or change your data and you can view or change your data using the Quicken Web application from any device that supports a browser. Sign in using the same Quicken ID you use with your Quicken desktop application.

Note: All your cash, credit, investment holdings, asset and loan accounts and your last used budget can be synced with Mobile or Web.

About Quicken Alerts

This functionality enables you to set up the alerts that you would like to receive via email or text in some cases. You can add or remove alerts and also define the threshold at which each alert will be triggered. You can also define whether you would like to receive these alerts in the notification panel of your mobile device.

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