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By using Quicken to write and print checks, you save time and minimize errors because you avoid the duplicate work of hand-writing checks and then recording them in Quicken.

Intuit checks

Quicken supports using checks printed by Intuit.

Intuit checks are printed to the exacting standards of the American Banking Association and are pre-approved by all banks, savings and loan institutions, credit unions, and brokers in the United States and Canada. When you order personalized checks, Intuit prints your name, address, account number, bank name, check numbers, and all the information required by financial institutions on your checks.

All Intuit checks are triple guaranteed. Intuit guarantees that:

  • Your checks will be accepted by your bank.
  • Your checks will work with your inkjet or laser Mac-compatible printer.
  • Your check order will be printed exactly as you submitted it.

If Intuit fails to meet these three conditions, please call Intuit and they will replace your order or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

How do I write checks away from home?

For checks, you write away from home, use the paper checks you already have, or fill in an Intuit check by hand. The next time you use Quicken, enter the transactions in your check register.

When you order your Intuit checks, indicate a starting number considerably higher than your existing paper check numbers. For example, if your personal check numbers are in the 1000 range, begin your Intuit checks at 3001. That way, you avoid confusion or possible duplication of numbers.

Quicken can easily manage two sets of check numbers in one account. The bank has no concerns about which numbers you use on your checks. Check numbers are for your own records.

Order checks and supplies for Quicken

Checks and other Quicken supplies (envelopes, mailing labels, and check storage boxes) are available here.

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