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Bank Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay your bills and send money from your Quicken checking/saving accounts. For some financial institutions, you can use this service to transfer funds within the same financial institution.

Currently, more than 400 financial institutions in the United States support this service.

With Bank Bill Pay, you gain control and have the convenience of making payments from within Quicken. No more worries about missed payments or late fees. With this service, you can:

  • Create payment transactions before the payment date, so that you do not miss the due date.
  • Pay your bills from any Bill Pay-enabled account in Quicken.
  • Pay merchants, small businesses, friends, or any individual at any time.
  • Transfer funds to and from your accounts within the same financial institution.

Prerequisites to use Bank Bill Pay

To use Bank Bill Pay and money transfer in Quicken:

  • Your financial institution must support Bank Bill Pay.
  • You must set up Quicken to use Direct Connect for that financial institution.
  • Your bank must enable the Bank Bill Pay service for your connected accounts. Check your financial institution's website or contact them to check if they support Quicken Bank Bill Pay.

Some important points to remember about Bank Bill Pay

  • If you were using your bank's Bill Pay service in Quicken for Mac 2007 or Quicken for Windows, you can continue to use it in this version of Quicken. Go to your account settings to make sure it's enabled. If it's not, click on Check for Bill Pay to see if it's available.
  • If you are an existing Quicken user and already using Direct Connect, you may need to contact your financial institution to see if Quicken Bank Bill Pay is supported. If it is, ask them to enable Bill Pay for your accounts.
  • If you've added a manual account, you need to contact your financial institution and check if it supports Direct Connect and Bank Bill Pay. If it does, you’ll need to set up transaction downloads for your account. Ensure that you select the Direct Connect option.
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