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If your financial institution doesn't support automatic download into Quicken, you can download your investment transactions from your brokerage website and import them into Quicken.

To import your securities

  1. In Quicken, choose File > Import > Bank or Brokerage File (OFX, QFX). You can also drag and drop the file into the Quicken window.
  2. Navigate and select the QFX file to be imported.
    • If this is the first time you've imported a file for this account, you will see a window that displays the account description. Specify the account type, action, and the Quicken account name/nickname in the respective columns.
    • If you're importing the file into an existing account, select the existing investing account from the Action column.
    • If you're adding a new investment account for the selected file, select Add from the Action column and enter an account name in the Quicken Account Name column.
    • Click Continue. Quicken will import the file and the investment account will be displayed in the sidebar.
  3. After you have imported or linked an investment account, click the Transactions tab to check for any placeholders and to resolve them.

Note: To learn more about placeholders, see Learning about cost basis.

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