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There are times when you want to add shares of a security from an account without affecting your cash balance. For example, you may inherit shares or receive them as a gift. These transactions are different from Share Buys. To record these shares in Quicken, you need to select Add Shares as the transaction type.

  • The cost per share for inherited shares is generally the value of the shares on the date that the deceased died or on an alternative valuation date. When you receive the inherited shares, record the cost per share on that date.
  • The cost per share for gift shares depends on the value of the shares on the date of the gift and the price that the giver paid for the shares, as well as your sale price if you sell the shares.

To record buys

  1. Select the investment account you want to use and click the Transactions tab.
  2. Click the Transactions tab and then click the New Transaction icon in the register toolbar.
  3. Select Add Shares from the Transaction Types list.
  4. Add the information for:
    • Date - Enter the date when the shares were transferred to your account.
    • Security - Select the security for which the shares are transferred to your account.
    • Total Cost or Price per share - Enter the total cost of the shares on the date of transfer or the price paid per share on the date of transfer. Either can be used to calculate your investment amounts.
    • Number of Shares - Enter the number of shares transferred.

    • Commission - Enter the amount paid towards commission per share. Based on the amount entered as commission, price per share is adjusted.
    • Memo - Enter the note you want to associate with the transaction.
    • Tags - Enter the tags that you want to use when searching for the transaction.
  5. To add an attachment, go to the Attachments tab, click the Add attachment button, and select the file you want to attach to the transaction.
  6. Click Save when you are done.
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